Defying Gravity
Land Divers, Roller Coasters, Gravity Bums and the Human Obsession with Falling

Published by W.W.Norton
2005; 352 pages; ISBN 039332656X
$13.95US; Paperback
Hook Spin Buzz
How to Command Attention, Change Minds & Influence People

Published by Peterson's/Pacesetter
1996; 231 pages; ISBN 1-56079-524-7
$15.95US; Paperback
I Went to College for This?
True Stuff About Life in the Business World and How to Make Your Way Through It

Published by Peterson's
1994; 234 pages; ISBN 1-56079-339-2
$11.95US; Paperback
Looking Good on Paper
How to Create Eye-Catching Reports, Proposals, Memos, and Other Business Documents

Published by AMACOM, American Management Association
1995; 123 pages; ISBN 0-8144-7858-1
$16.95US; Paperback

The One Minute Maniac
The Fanatic's Guide to Time Management

by Jeffrey Book & Garrett Soden
Published by Andrews, McMeel & Parker
1987; 140 pages; ISBN 0-8362-1260-6
$5.95US; Paperback

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